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Personal Training

You'll never know what you are capable of until you try!

5 Star Personal Training Meridian Idaho

5 Star's Mission Statement
To empower through physical fitness and
inspire a lifetime of healthy living

       Do you have a vacation coming?

Do you want higher intensity workout?

Do you want to feel good?

I will help you achieve your goals and we'll have
fun getting there.

I’ve been involved in athletics all my life and enjoy the challenge of pushing myself physically.  After having my fourth child, for whatever reason, I not only wanted to lose the baby weight again but find out what I was truly capable of.  It was a blast to watch my body and mind respond to vigorous workouts.  As a result, I’ve learned a great deal about fitness and nutrition and have been able to share this knowledge.  Showing others how to realize their own capabilities has been equally as fun as realizing them myself.  This is why I became a certified personal trainer.

You'll work out in a private studio so you will never have to wait for a machine again!  

**Lindsi is great.  I love her workouts, her eating plans and her friendship.  She is so focused on what I want to accomplish and really makes my goals - her goals.  Lindsi has taught me so much about how to workout the right way and how to be a healthier person.  I love how I feel!  Thank you Lindsi!!!!  ~Steph H. 

 **I could never ask for a better trainer than Lindsi Sanor.  I was a very sedentary person, and she started me off very slowly.  From the beginning she made me feel like I could do anything she asked me to do.  She really paid attention to me and how I was feeling so I could keep going.  She showed me how to make my body and brain work together to change the course of my life.  She's taught me how to push through mental blocks and go well beyond what I thought were my limits.  I don't feel like a weak, fat or lazy person anymore.  Lindsi isn't just your trainer.  She's your friend who helps you reach your goals!  She's amazing and I recommend her to everyone.  ~Abby S.

Creator of ULTIMATUM - At home workout program

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